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Sindabad Decorators Have Been Experts in The Auckland Painting & Plastering Industry for Over 13 Years.

House painting services are truly our passion – we love renovating residential and commercial properties to the highest standards. Our Auckland painters meet every job with enthusiasm and pride themselves on top-quality workmanship within Auckland city.

Whether it’s your home, office, or shop needing a makeover – we’re ready to transform your property through our interior and exterior painting services!

Our Residential & Commercial Services:

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    Trusted House Painter in Auckland, NZ

    Are you looking for professional & skilled house painting services in Auckland City? We are glad you found us. The condition of your home speaks a lot about you! Therefore, it must look the best at all times. Similarly, the paint in your house plays an important role too. A shabby-looking house with chipped paint does not provide a safe and friendly environment for your family.
    Our Auckland painters, at Sindabad Decorators, are one of the leading house painters in Auckland. Our team of professional painters is well experienced and trained to carry out any painting job. We know how to navigate their way around the windows, doors, lights, fixtures, switchboards, and decorative pieces on the walls. We give your building a finished and polished look using high-quality paints, material, modern techniques, and equipment.

    Auckland House Painting Services

    Does your house need a breath of fresh life into it? Does it need a makeover? Consider getting your home painted by Sindabad Decorators. With an extensive experience of having completed hundreds of projects to perfection, we make sure that we provide you with exceptional services and a seamless experience.

    When you choose us, you can be assured that your house is in safe hands. We delegate the most experienced house painters in Auckland for your home. These painters treat your house as their own. Be it interiors or exteriors, there is nothing that they cannot handle or do not know how to do. We take time to understand your needs and requirements before proceeding with any job. We also take pride in using top-quality and environmentally safe products for your property.

    Call us today to hire the best house painter in Auckland for your house!

    Commercial and Residential Painting Services

    Good colored buildings always catch the eye of passersby. You must get your property painted well as it adds to the cosmetic appeal and can also induce a sense of security in some. We offer only the finest house painting in Auckland to our customers, irrespective of the property being commercial or residential.

    We understand that when you have your own house, you want everything about it to be perfect. The color, the walls, the consistency. And we strive to offer exactly that. Our team is full of expert painters in Auckland. Each one of them is highly qualified to cover every spot on your walls evenly. Don’t worry about finding your favorite color. Our color palettes are exhaustive.

    Businesses are not just opened overnight. They require initiative and commitment. We aim to bring the same commitment when we make your building shine in new paint. Our every home painter in Auckland offers the finest craftsmanship. With such passion and precision, the walls of your commercial property are bound to outshine others in your block.

    We have all the updated tools and equipment that are required to ensure the quality of the workmanship. Our professional painters keep an eye on every detail and refuse to leave without offering their best. The use of eco-friendly products ensures the safety of not only your loved ones but also our environment.

    At Sindabad Decorators, we let our work speak for itself. For us, it will always be you
    and your satisfaction that will come first.

    Get on a free consultation call with us today and enjoy our no-obligation quotes!

    Professional House Painters in Auckland

    House painting is not just about increasing the curb appeal of your property, it’s much more. A fresh coat of paint can get your house sparkling while also adding shine and strength to it. Give your home a new look with the help of professional house painters in Auckland. We truly believe that your home is your treasure trove and we cross oceans to keep it maintained and healthy. Our team of professional house painters at Sindabad Decorators are well experienced and trained in carrying out any painting job precisely and accurately.

    Consider giving your home a worthy makeover with us at Sindabad Decorators. Our team will treat your home as our own so rest assured when you choose us, you are handing your home in the best of hands. All the products used by us are environmentally friendly and top-notch in quality. So, contact us today for any kind of house painting job in Auckland and witness the most flawless workmanship efficiency and reliable services. Now that you have found Sindabad Decorators, your search for reliable and professional house painters in Auckland ends!

    Why Choose Sindabad

    We’re a family owned business and genuinely love what we do. It’s not just about the bottom line for us. Our priority is delivering outstanding workmanship on every job, no matter how big or small. Despite this we keep our prices competitive.

    We’ve built a loyal customer base over the years – just read our testimonials and you’ll see we’re among the most trusted painters in Auckland.

    Bring Your Home Back To Life With A Fresh, Beautiful Paint Job!


    When you make a decision to repaint your house or you are getting your new house painted for the first time, you need to make sure that you are hiring professional painters. Professional, experienced painters understand your needs well and offer fine services, making sure that no spot is left out.

    Always get your house painted by painters who offer quality work. Make sure you are prioritizing the experience of painters over the low costs.

    Other than that, you should always select a painter who is licensed and insured. Read through your country’s codes and standards beforehand to ensure you don’t miss out on it.

    You should also ask for referrals and references so that you can see their work beforehand and set your expectations accordingly. Set and fix your quotes way before you begin your work.

    You will always be recommended to opt for painters who are experienced, offer quality work, and those who know what they are doing. After all, no one likes it when the painter is finished and then they come across missing spots, uneven paints, or two completely different colors on the same wall!

    Thus, you should always look for an experienced painter who is expected to charge around $30 per hour. The entire process of cleaning, prepping, and painting when you are getting the rework done is around 5 days. Add more days if you are getting the interiors and exteriors plastered as well.

    So, the minimum cost, on average, that painters charge in New Zealand for the entire painting process is $150. Keep in mind that this is only the labor cost. It does not include the costs of paints, primers, equipment, etc.

    There are plenty of factors that play a role in determining the cost of painting a house in New Zealand. It is important to call for experienced and professional painters to make sure you are getting some quality work done that is cost-effective and durable.

    On average, a professional painter will charge around $30 per hour. Now, the timeline of painting your house will differ according to the size of the house, the areas that need painting, and such. It takes approximately two days to get the area prepared for painting. Might also take a little longer if you also have repairs to be taken care of.

    Now, keeping in mind that the size of the home and the weather play a major role, it will take around three days to finish painting the entire property.

    Apart from the labor costs, you also need to keep in mind the rates of the primer and paints you choose, the cost of repairs, and the equipment that is needed to clean the house.

    So, all costs included, it will range something between $15,000 to $20,000.

    There are two ways to price a room for painting. It could either be on the basis of cost per square foot or on an hourly basis.

    There are other factors that are often included in determining the price of the house. These could be the time of the year that you have invited the contractor over, the kind of project, and also the experience of the painter.

    The above-mentioned ways are to calculate the labor costs. More costs are added to the final price according to the rates of the paint, tools, primer, equipment, and more.