Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Auckland, NZ

Bring your home or building back to life with a fresh, beautiful paint job!

At Sindabad our professional painters have over 13 years experience. We specialise in all kinds of painting jobs – including interior, exterior, commercial & residential. No project is too big or small.

Our team are honest and hardworking, and we pride ourselves on achieving painting results of outstanding quality.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re just adding a feature wall to the bedroom, or you want a fresh coat of paint for the whole house, our team will do the job right.

We’re also skimming and plastering specialists in Auckland. This means we can create the perfect base for your paintwork, achieving the smoothest results possible.

  • Quality workmanship
  • Top quality primers & paints
  • Plastering & skimming
  • Colour consultancy
  • Long lasting results


Professional Interior Painting Services in Auckland

Are you planning to give your house a makeover? are you bored of seeing your old paint getting scraped off the wall? The walls must be demanding a makeover, and you might not be able to figure out their demands. In contrast to that, we at Sindabad Decorators understand what the wall is trying to say and give it the nourishment it deserves.

We have a team of expert professional house painters in Auckland who have been offering residential painting services for interior and exterior walls for a long time. Our painters are well aware of the climatic conditions in Auckland and plan their projects. They know what kind of paint would be best suitable for your walls. Our painter’s focus is on client satisfaction. They follow a code of professionalism and offer reliable and trustworthy services.

House painters working with Sindabad Decorators are very adept at their work. Apart from painting, they offer color consultation services as well. not any color would fit in any room. It is important to consider the amount of light coming in, and the color should be chosen according to it. The painters provide valuable suggestions to our clients and help them make appropriate decisions.

Certified Exterior Painters in Auckland, NZ

The exterior walls of a house face the most extremity and hardships as they are in direct contact with Auckland’s harsh weather conditions. This calls for taking proper professional care of the exterior walls. At Sindabad Decorators, we have expert professionals who have been offering residential painting services for a long time. They are well versed with the painting techniques that suit well with the weather of Auckland.

We, at Sindabad Decorators, use only the best quality paint that guarantees protection from adverse weather conditions and preserves the quality of your exterior walls. Our experts examine the walls for every inch they paint. They fix Any existing damage or cracks before the painting process starts. The house painters in Auckland working with us are plastering experts as well. They suggest the appropriate measures that need to be taken and get your approval before performing any service.

We, at Sindabad Decorators and the painters associated with us, follow a strict code of professionalism. You can rely on your trustworthy Sindabad for any painting needs that you see. Contact us today to book an appointment. Treat your walls with the best, and let the walls make an impression on you.

Local Interior Painters in Auckland, NZ

Interior painting adds a touch of class, elegance and personality to your home. A perfectly painted home enhances the curb appeal and creates a vibe that is fresh and filled with new life. So, if you are looking for professional interior painters in Auckland, you have certainly come to the right place.

Our team at Sindabad Decorators are widely known for their exceptional painting services that add a whole new charm and dimension to your property. A well-maintained home has an aura that takes all the stress away after a long tiring day! Hence, contact us today for all your residential interior painting jobs.

Our team of professional painters are fully equipped with all the skills and expertise required to finish the interior painting job with accuracy and precision. We work with the passion of exceeding our client’s expectations every time they call us for interior painting in Auckland. If you choose us rest assured your home is in safe hands and you will get just what you dreamt of your home. Also, all our services come at cost-efficient rates so they are highly affordable yet perfect. Reach out to us if you want to give your home a trendy makeover.

Quality Exterior Painting Services in Auckland, NZ

Painting your home carries immense importance and if it’s the exterior part of the house then it’s a job that should be done on priority. Exteriors of the property are more susceptible to damage as it has to endure the wrath of nature, so be it rains, scorching heat of the sun or snow, the exterior of the property withstands it all.

Hence, the surface should be sturdy and strong enough to be able to face the adversities to protect the house as well as the interiors. Exterior painting therefore should always be done by thorough professionals. They are the experts in analysing the intricacies of exterior painting. What type of paint should be put in, how many coats are required and more to create a shield that is strong enough to endure any damage? This doesn’t just increase the life span of your home but also ensures your home walls look great and well-maintained. Contact Sindabad Decorators for exterior painting in Auckland that will effectively withstand Auckland’s versatile weather without discolouring, flaking or bubbling off.