Plastering in Auckland, NZ

Professional Plastering & Skimming Services

Plastering and skimming should always be left to the professionals. A poor plastering job will remain visible forever, no matter how many layers of paint are used.

We have over 13 years of plastering and skimming experience, and a number of happy customers who stand by our results. Every member of our team is a perfectionist with a great eye for detail.

By getting perfect plastering with Sindabad, you’ll create the smoothest possible base for future paintwork. Our plasterers can also improve the strength, structural integrity and weathertightness of your walls.

Our services:

  • Plastering
  • Hole filling
  • Wet area plastering (bathroom, laundry)
  • Skimming
  • Sealing
  • Wallpaper stripping & priming

Exterior and Interior Plastering in Auckland, NZ

Does the exterior of your building need a breath of fresh live it? At Sindabad Decorators, we have been providing exterior plastering services in Auckland to residential and commercial buildings for over 13 years. Our plasterers in Auckland are pioneers in providing quick, easy, and budget-friendly solutions to your plastering projects. Our team of the highly trained professional team goes the extra mile to meet quality standards and expectations from clients.

We are among the few plastering specialists and contractors in Auckland who have been in this business for this long. We have handled hundreds of projects for exterior plastering services in Auckland, and this has only helped us improve our skills. We don’t jump at a project, rather, we take time to understand your needs and expectations.

When you have been worried over a long time for your walls that have cracks or have been damaged by water, you know it’s time to call for interior plastering in Auckland. And, what’s better than getting it done from masters of the trade?

It’s our policy to delegate the project to plasterers who are highly skilled and professional, and we use only the best materials and equipment. We don’t give ourselves the liberty to commit mistakes. We do it right the first time. And if for some reason, it does not meet your expectations, we will re-do it. We make sure all the team members are given training from time to time so that they can deliver quality work.

And, you know what the best part is? That you can give us a call anytime and discuss your problems and expectations with us. Try us for interior plastering services in Auckland and see for yourself. We never disappoint anyone!

Why Choose Sindabad

Getting a house or a commercial property painted can often get a little overwhelming, irrespective of whether it is new construction or an old one. Choosing the right color or color combinations, understanding the perspectives, matching the shades with the furniture, and finding professionals for plastering in Auckland can easily get nerve-wracking.

That is why we have a team of experts to make the entire painting process a lot more calming and easier for you. From helping you choose the right color to the finest work on interior plastering in Auckland, we have developed expertise in every aspect of painting a property.

We take pride in offering the finest workmanship and high-quality services to our customers.
Before offering you any kind of advice, our team understands your needs and preferences thoroughly. This helps us achieve excellent, long-lasting results and of your taste.

We have a dedicated project manager for each project. This helps us make sure that everything is under control. Our painters are quick and precise. They make sure to offer consistency while keeping up with the speed of the plastering and painting.

Hop on a call with us today and let us help you create a dream atmosphere for your property, be it commercial or residential.

Premium Exterior Plastering Services in Auckland, NZ

Plastering is the undercoat that is primarily done to even out external surfaces to create a smooth base for paint coats. If the plastering is not done properly, no amount of paint coats can achieve a smooth and appealing finish to the walls. This would essentially make the painting job useless and utter waste of money and effort. At Sindabad Decorators, we make all the plastering and painting dreams come true. We can be your best bet if you are looking for professional exterior plastering services in Auckland.

With over 13 years of experience in plastering services in Auckland, we have gained immense knowledge about our work and hence can provide quick, easy, effective and affordable solutions to cater to your plastering needs better. We offer comprehensive plastering services that include solid plastering, plaster cladding, and more to ensure you get top-quality every time you work with us.

Call us today for a quality plastering job in Auckland, we can not just fix all your plastering problems but will happily repeat the process in case you are unsatisfied. Contact us to discuss all your plastering needs and requirements and together we can transform your home into an attractive, appealing and healthy abode!