roof painting by sindabad painters and decorators

Premium Roof Painting Services in Auckland, NZ

There’s nothing more important than the roof over your head.

At Sindabad we understand the importance of caring for your roof. We’re specialists in roof painting and use top-quality primers and paints to achieve the best results in Auckland City.

Our primers and paints are carefully selected to prevent rust, improve weather tightness, and achieve pristine colors.

By getting perfect plastering with Sindabad, you’ll create the smoothest possible base for future paintwork. Our plasterers in Auckland can also improve the strength, structural integrity, and weather tightness of your walls.

We offer total roof restoration services which include roof painting, roof plastering, roof repairs, and every other roof maintenance need that you desire. Our painters specialize in rood painting and suggest the best quality of paints that should adore your roof.

Our services:

  • Improve the aesthetics of your roof
  • Improve weathertightness
  • Prevent rust
  • Top quality primers
  • Top quality paints
  • Free colour consultations

Roof Painting Services in Auckland, NZ

Extreme weather conditions, rain, and sunlight may cause the roof to lose its sheen and luster. Leaks, cracks, mold growth, chipped paint or other types of damage on the roof may lead to serious problems inside the house. You must keep the roof in good condition at all times. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting a new coat of paint! And, what’s better than getting it done from masters of the trade?
We, at Sindabad Decorators, are a team of professional and experienced roof painters in Auckland. Roof painting is not an easy task, and it requires a considerable amount of knowledge and first-hand experience to carry out the job with perfection. But, with us, you have nothing to worry about. We take each painting project with the same sincerity and enthusiasm. Be it a galvanized rooftop, dramatic tile, corrugated iron roof, or tiled roof, our workmanship in cleaning and painting the roof is commendable, so much so, that the roof looks shiny and fresh. We dedicate time to understand the characteristics of the roof to understand the type of paint and material that would be needed to carry out the painting task. This also ensures the color retention, durability, life changes,well-experienced and waterproofing of the paint.
We are committed to protecting your home with our service of roof painting in Auckland!

Trusted Roof Painters in Auckland, NZ

Your roof holds the structural integrity of your house together, if the roof is unclean or unmaintained it gets more prone to damage such as leaks that can allow the water to penetrate inside the walls to cause other innumerable issues, hence, the roof should be thoroughly looked after. The first step towards its healthy maintenance is the cleaning and painting of the roof, while it may look like a daunting task, contacting professional roof painters in Auckland can make the job easy and seamless.
Our team of professional roof painters at Sindabad Decorators only use high-quality paints and products to infuse life to tired-looking roofs. Roof painting is a highly weather-dependent job and we advise you to start the roof painting in the warmer months as that’s the ideal time for roof painting in Auckland. Just contact us for our services and you will be surprised to see the results post our painting work is done. Get in touch today for a free and competitive quote and also for a professional finish that only experts can achieve.

Why Choose us for Roof Painting Services?

Roof painting is a job that requires precision, accuracy and excellence. Hence, choosing the experts is the ideal decision for your roof painting project. Contact Sindabad Decorators today for professional roof painting in Auckland, if you are looking for reasons, we will give you umpteen:
1. Our team is highly professional and takes time to understand the characteristics of the roof to determine what type of paint and material would be ideal to carry out the painting job.
2. We are experts in suggesting the best colour to enhance the aesthetics and curb appeal of your property.
3. Our team has a considerable amount of knowledge and first-hand experience in carrying out the painting job with utter perfection and precision.
4. We follow the standard level of service expected from Auckland roof painters.
So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us start the roof painting right away!