Wallpaper Stripping Auckland

Professional Wallpaper Stripping

Nothing looks worse in a building than dingy, ripped or stained wallpaper. Dated patterns can instantly make your home look like it’s from the wrong era!

If it’s time to freshen up your walls with new wallpaper, why not hire the professionals?

Sindabad Decorators are expert wallpaper strippers, with many years of experience. We’ll save you a lot of time, mess and trouble by doing the job from start to finish.

We’re also plastering specialists in Auckland, so we can fix any damage left behind by ageing wallpaper or trapped moisture. We’ll prime the wall correctly for whatever decorating you have in mind, whether it’s new wallpaper or a smooth paint finish.

Wallpaper Stripping Service Auckland

Having gained extensive experience of plastering, painting and renovating homes across Auckland, we started providing wallpaper stripping in Auckland. We are adept at professionally removing that old wallpaper of yours of the walls. Before we start wallpaper stripping, we drape off the perimeter. This helps us collect the stripped wallpaper. We take extreme caution not to damage the walls, and appropriately dispose of the stripped wallpaper. All floors and runways are covered to ensure that your flooring, as well as your furnishings, are protected.

North Shore Wallpaper Stripping Company

No matter what type of wallpaper you put on your walls and ceilings, there comes a time when it either gets outdated or damaged. Whether you need a change, want to improve the interior, or need to remove aging or damaged wallpaper, Sindabad Decorators is your best choice!

Wallpaper stripping in the North Shore can require more effort than initially thought, and it’s essential to take the proper steps to ensure that you will not have problems with your newly painted walls. Some papers are paper-faced, some vinyl or plastic, foil and heavy commercial grade. The papers that are vinyl, plastic or foil are the hardest and slowest to remove because the facing acts like a raincoat, making it difficult to remove. The time and technique needed for stripping the wallpaper depend on the type of wallpaper it is. But with us, you need not worry about anything.